Life & Lemons – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Everyone has a “why” as to what drives them to do better. Honestly, I have several of them. Some people’s “why” revolves around surviving. Other people have a “why” that directly fuels truly living.

My daughter is a creative soul. I want to teach her that she is completely capable of following her dreams and doing what she loves as a career. I was into photography when I was a kid, but I just knew that I had to face reality and get a big girl job. With that, I joined the Army. After I had Kiyana, I bought another camera and started just “mom-togging” for a couple of years. When we moved to Rapid, I decided that I wanted to make this hobby into a business. I loved it. It was my happy place. But eventually, we bought a house and cars, and I had to get a full time job. Once I finished my time in the military, I became an Accountant. I hated it. Every single second of it. But I was great at it, and it was really good money. With that career choice, I put my passion on the back-burner.

Earlier this month (January 2017), I finally had enough. I was reduced to tears daily at work. I had to quit.I couldn’t handle another few years of being miserable. With that, I decided to take on my photography full time. I won’t even lie, it has been a struggle. Admittedly, starting this journey in January in the tundra that is South Dakota wasn’t my best idea. But I have the ambition to make everything work!

My “why” falls primarily into the “truly living” category. I want to be happy with my life. I want to avoid having the “daily grind.” I want to be able to show up to my kids school functions and cook dinner before gymnastics instead of fast food. I want to be able to plan a two week long road trip if I want to! I have spent too much time doing things just to “survive” and I don’t want to waste my life like that!

Wanna know what else I love about this industry? I love making other people feel great about themselves. I love that feeling when I finish a boudoir session and a mom to three kids tells me “This is the first time I have felt sexy in years!”

Basically, I want to make my mark on the world. Even if it’s just a tiny pin prick. I want to add a little happiness to the world.


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