Worry About Yourself! – Rapid City, SD Photographer

That was abrasive, I know. I went there. But that phrase is exactly how I try to live my life these days. I’m normally not a very nosy person at all, but I used to listen to everyone else’s opinions constantly. I put entirely too much stock into what other people said or thought about me. Not anymore.

In my personal life, I used to worry about what people would think when it came to almost every decision I ever made. I worried about what people would say about me being pregnant at 18. I worried about what people would say about my starting a business. I worried about what people thought when it came to how I was raising my child.

In my professional life, I always hear things like “you really need to raise your prices”, or “you need to market yourself this way.” I used to let people bully me into falling into their little images. I always tried to please everyone. Then one day, an amazing thing happened…

I quit caring what anyone else thought.

Not completely, I will be honest. You as my client, yeah, of course I care about what you think. I want you to be completely happy with your photos! Those photos are what you are going to remember *right now* by forever!

As far as everything else? Yep. I stopped caring. I realized that everyone has an opinion about everything. Personally, I believe that my kid is the most awesome human being I could have possibly created. I love taking photos of people, so why not start shooting professionally? I believe that I’m at least a little bit decent at it! Being pregnant at 18? I cared at the time, but now I realize that it was a pointless thing to be concerned about. It’s not like I could have changed it.

But I digress…

In terms of my business, I stopped listening to people when it came to my prices, my marketing, my posing, whether or not I decide to do my make-up for a session, etc. I have my pricing where it’s at so that I can be affordable. I market myself in a transparent manner because I want people to know me. I go with the flow when I pose my clients. I have never had an issue with a client having a problem with my intense awkwardness. It’s just how I am.

Guess what? I’m probably happier than I have ever been! I do what I want to do, how I want to do it. And guess what? Life is good.


(PS. If you’re struggling to reach this point, I highly recommend this book. Forewarning, the author love the F word, but it’s a fantastic read!)

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