Carpe Diem – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Hello! I’m sure most of you saw the blog post introducing me, if not my name is Jordan! Today I’m going to actually tell you a bit about myself! I had a case of writers block and/or stage fright the last time I tried to write a post. I’ll save you the boring details about where I grew up and what my childhood was like. I’m just your basic human being trying to survive like everyone else on this planet. I came into the world of photography by mistake, by a horrible incident that shocked my family. Just before Christmas my grandfather, who was a long time photographer, went into the hospital for a mostly routine back surgery. The surgery went fine, but he ended up contracting a CDIFF infection that eventually took his life. It was honestly just an odd happenstance. I tried to rationalize it for a while, but really couldn’t. He was finally out of pain and is somewhere better. As one of the eldest grandchildren I received one of his most beloved possessions; his camera. As a little girl I always loved looking at all of his beautiful pictures. How he captured dazzling butterflies, blossoming flowers, and the giant buffalo of Yellowstone just perfectly. I believe that this camera saved my life. I was down a seriously sketchy road two years ago, from which I’ve mostly recovered. Lately I have been trying to find my purpose in life. I always knew I was meant to be something more than just your average server. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety over my future, I wanted to bust out of my routine and discover something different. This camera has given me new opportunities to connect, discover, and capture moments maybe no one else will see and preserve them in time. This new journey into photography has opened my eyes to what I’m rally capable of. I can’t wait to keep walking down this path a continuing in my grandfather’s legacy. It’s time to open new doors, and carpe some diem.


With Love,



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