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Luna Sol Photography was originally started by Samantha Rogers in 2011 under the name Samantha Rogers Photography. In 2016, Samantha decided that it was time to revamp, re-brand, and show some personality in that business name!

After loads of brainstorming, and finding a way to incorporate sea turtles, happiness, and sunshine into a South Dakota based business, Luna Sol Photography was born. While 2017-07-28_0003South Dakota isn’t full of sand, sun, and palm trees, we do what we can to help people remember this place as a paradise of its own.

In January of 2017, Jordan faced some sad and unfortunate circumstances that led to her requesting mentorship from Samantha. Jordan caught up very quickly, and truly has an eye for the art that is photography. In June of 2017, due to personal circumstances, Samantha and Jordan decided to build a partnership and live out their dreams as photographers! Part of this endeavor involved bringing on another amazing photographer located in another state. Another part of the country, even!

Enter: Kara! Kara joined Luna Sol Photography in July of 2017, bringing all of her experience and wisdom along! She is the “manager” of our Perrysburg, Ohio location! You may be thinking “who is this random person, and how on earth did she get involved with people halfway across the country?” Well, Samantha has known Kara for several years. A friendship that blossomed via Facebook in the comments of a mutual friends’ photo! Over all of these years, they have been there for each other, watched each other grow, given advice, taken advice, you know… the works!


Now comes the hard (best) part! From here forth, we are boss ladies, women just making a living doing what we love!

We absolutely cannot WAIT to share the love with y’all!