Spontaneous Adventures – Denver, CO


About two weeks ago, I was having lunch with my boyfriend and roommate when we decided to go on a spontaneous adventure. All three of us work two jobs, and just needed a break from reality for a little bit, so with very little planning and notice, we packed up our things and away we went.

Now let me preface this; I was stuck in the backseat of a two door car the entire time. We got off to a later than what we had intended, because we are all bartenders and our sleep schedule is a little off. Once on the road, I swear we took the curviest road to get there, and I’ve got severe motion sickness. Along the way, we missed a couple of turns, and of course jammed out to NSYNC. After traveling for almost six hours, we finally made it to Denver. Of course we didn’t make hotel reservations in advance, so we booked our hotel with in the first ten minuets being in Denver. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!

Once we finally settled in, we decided to go to Dave and Buster’s. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures there, but I figured it wouldn’t be the best place to take my camera. After a night of shenanigans, we decided the best thing to do the next day was go to the museum. This museum is seriously one of the coolest places to go to in Denver. It brings back so many fond childhood memories for me. Going there is always such an adventure. We decided to also spring for the planetarium, which is such a cool place, unless you suffer from motion sickness. Needless to say, I took a nap whilst listening to information about black holes. Liam Neeson has a very soothing voice, in case anyone was wondering. Once we finally got out of the sickening death trap that was the planetarium, we went wandering to other exhibits. My personal favorite was the Egyptian exhibit. Nothing says exhilarating like seeing a couple of ancient dead people. In all seriousness, this is the is the coolest exhibit. I absolutely LOVE seeing mummies. I can’t help, but wonder what their lives were like, what they felt, or who they loved. The museum is truly a magical place, where the past meets the present.

My biggest accomplishment while in Denver was going to the aquarium. I have a huge fear of fish, weird I know. This trip I decided to conquer my demons, I decided to look some fish in the face. Throughout the aquarium there are various tanks with various types of fish, all of which are freaky in my humble opinion. As I’m passing through all of these watery exhibits I stumbled upon this magnificent tiger. He was truly one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. Though he was beautiful, I had quite the time trying to get a picture of him. Once the kids had moved out of the way, it was my chance to get a picture. After he was done pacing, I swear, this large cat posed for me. Once I got the shot, I looked at the back of my camera and the gods smiled down upon me, because I finally got the perfect shot. After I peeled myself away from the big, fuzzy kitty, I found myself mesmerized by the jelly fish. I spent about fifteen minuets of my life starting at those strange, alien-like creatures! The boys had to practically drag me away! After this I did the most scary thing in my life; I touched a sting ray. First off the smell of fish was strong by this tank and I couldn’t help but think of poor Steve Irwin. I stood there for about ten minutes watching the boys stick their hands in and touch these graceful creatures. Once I finally mustered up the courage, the cutest little sting ray came over to greet me. I politely touched him with two fingers, as per the instructions of the exhibit, and then screamed. The cute little one wasn’t the problem, it was the GIANT sting ray coming for me. Let’s just say I conquered a fear and I will never, ever touch another fish again in my life.

The rest of our trip was, of course, spent shopping. I forgot how much fun, and how beautiful the down town area is. Some people like country nights and clear skies, but I enjoy seeing neon lights and hearing the light hum of traffic. I love seeing so many different kinds of people coalesce in one place. You hear so many different languages, and see so many unique types of people. Downtown Denver is absolutely one of best spots to just sit down and take in your surroundings. It’s got some of the most spectacular views of skyscrapers, the capital building, and of course cute little store fronts. I’ve been to downtown Denver multiple times in my life, but now looking at it through a lens brings so much more perspective into my life.

This trip was so very needed and I would do it all over again every time. There’s something beautiful and exciting in not planning out every little detail of a trip. You wake up everyday with a new adventure in mind. You start off with one thing and see where the day goes. Not planning anything really encouraged us to carpe some diem and see what happens, so here’s to spontaneous adventures! I encourage everyone to have a little adventure in your life. It truly does do the soul some good.

– Jordan


Carpe Diem – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Hello! I’m sure most of you saw the blog post introducing me, if not my name is Jordan! Today I’m going to actually tell you a bit about myself! I had a case of writers block and/or stage fright the last time I tried to write a post. I’ll save you the boring details about where I grew up and what my childhood was like. I’m just your basic human being trying to survive like everyone else on this planet. I came into the world of photography by mistake, by a horrible incident that shocked my family. Just before Christmas my grandfather, who was a long time photographer, went into the hospital for a mostly routine back surgery. The surgery went fine, but he ended up contracting a CDIFF infection that eventually took his life. It was honestly just an odd happenstance. I tried to rationalize it for a while, but really couldn’t. He was finally out of pain and is somewhere better. As one of the eldest grandchildren I received one of his most beloved possessions; his camera. As a little girl I always loved looking at all of his beautiful pictures. How he captured dazzling butterflies, blossoming flowers, and the giant buffalo of Yellowstone just perfectly. I believe that this camera saved my life. I was down a seriously sketchy road two years ago, from which I’ve mostly recovered. Lately I have been trying to find my purpose in life. I always knew I was meant to be something more than just your average server. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety over my future, I wanted to bust out of my routine and discover something different. This camera has given me new opportunities to connect, discover, and capture moments maybe no one else will see and preserve them in time. This new journey into photography has opened my eyes to what I’m rally capable of. I can’t wait to keep walking down this path a continuing in my grandfather’s legacy. It’s time to open new doors, and carpe some diem.


With Love,