Checking In With Myself – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Every now and then, it’s important to me to check in with myself. Every few months to a year, I sort through old sessions, and I recognize how I have changed. Sometimes, this gives me inspiration to change how I do things now as well.

Today, I pulled photos that I took one year ago, and re edited them. I just pulled the RAW file back up and edited them the way I edit now. The difference was just crazy! And to think, I really loved this session when I shot it last fall!


The clarity is the number one thing I immediately see! I also edit with colors so much more true to life now than I did even a year ago!


While the original photos weren’t “bad”, but fresh editing made a huge world of difference! Especially going back to edit those files in the same style and manner I do for every session now.


This is always the change that gets me the most. The change throughout the years. I love the top photo, I always will. That’s my baby girl! That photo was taken about 6 months before I took on my first client professionally. The bottom photo was one I took in July.

I just like to remind myself that everyone does start somewhere, and I have made huge progress in the last 10 or so years in this craft! Adding moving humans to the mix definitely felt like a set-back to me when I first started as a business, as odd as that sounds. Unlike trees and landscapes, and even architecture, humans move, humans can’t truly be controlled.

Now, I am at a point where I know what I love to photograph, I know what gives me my spark when I’m taking photos. I am so beyond excited to see where I am, even in ten years!


Gage | Rapid City, SD Photographers

Last weekend, Jordan and I had the joy of shooting a session for Gage’s first birthday! Of course there were some family photos in there as well.

We spent an hour at Canyon Lake Park wandering around and then we found a beautiful green little shaded area. Considering it was his nap time, he did a stellar job giving us smiles! Of course, mom’s shark song had a little bit to do with it.




A Little Bit of Love – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Of course, I have said it before. But I LOVE homecomings. There is just so much LOVE. All of the love! Over the last week, I have had the joy of shooting THREE Air Force homecoming sessions!

I love seeing families come back together. I love seeing service members get back to their home life. I love watching the itching anticipation of the family at home just waiting for more information, waiting for that plane to land, and trying to find their other half in a massive sea of green.

I keep telling myself that I’ll only take one homecoming family next go-round but lets be real. That’s not happening. So long as the sessions aren’t at the same exact time, I’ll do it. Why? Because I’m obsessed with seeing all of the love, and all of the happiness. It’s a lot of work for zero pay, and it’s worth every single second.



Adventures in the Badlands – Rapid City, SD Photographer

One of my favorite things in the world to do is go for long drives and adventure in random places. Life gets kind of rough sometimes, and you just need to clear your head!

Yesterday, I went through a drive in the Badlands with my friend, and oh my gosh… It was so beautiful with the snow on the landscape! I even got to have a nice stare down with a big horned sheep.


Meet Jordan! – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Jordan is a pretty swell chick. Who also makes me feel super old sometimes. But she’s joining me as a Mentee/Assistant/Awesome maker! She will be accompanying me to most sessions and she’s super ready to learn!

In light of her joining me and being super excited to learn, I’m hosting a model call!

From Jordan:

Hello! My name is Jordan and I’m 20 something! I grew up with plenty of photographers in my home, so I’m super used to having a camera point at me almost at all times! I’m incredibly excited to be behind the camera ready to capture your special moments. I’m a novice photographer and I’m ready to grow and learn new things everyday!