Boudoir Marathon – Rapid City, SD

In January, we are hosting a boudoir marathon! There will be 8 slots available only!  Included will be hair and make-up by a professional stylist and make-up artist! Hair and make-up does not count towards your 60 minutes. We will be booking a beautiful hotel room to shoot in!

January 13th, 2018
60 Minute Session
Hair & Make Up Included
Unlimited Outfits
All Edited Photos on USB Drive
Leather Bound Photo Book (20 Photos)
$400 [+tax]

Bonus: Book with a friend and get $50 off!

To book, contact us:
Samantha – 605.863.1113 (call or text me!)
Our Facebook page (message us!)

Worried about privacy? Well the room we book will have a completely separate king bedroom from where others are getting dolled up! After the session, your photos go onto a USB drive, we don’t deliver them via download! Once we get the photos to you, you pick out your top 20 to make up your book, and then let us know which photos (if any) we can use in our boudoir group and for advertising! You don’t have to let us though, I promise!

I know so many mom’s and ladies in general who aren’t happy with a little bit of pudge on your stomach or stretch marks on your legs. Guess what? Most of us have it! We promise you, we will make you feel gorgeous as all get out! Because you are. You’re drop dead gorgeous, and you’re going to feel like a rockstar! Don’t let this deter you! Even if you have a part of your body you’re not fond of, we can give you flattering poses and use the sheets to make you look and feel hottttt!

This day is for you! You don’t have to have a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. This is for you! If you do have a significant other, bonus! (Right before Valentine’s Day!) But this is for you. 100%!

We love you! Let us make you feel as sexy and beautiful as you are!

The money details: To book, a non-refundable initial payment of $150 is due to hold your slot, and the remainder will be due 7 days before the session (January 6th, 2018.) If you decide you don’t want your slot anymore, we will keep the $150 unless we can fill your spot! (Don’t worry, we will advertise the slot opening as soon as you cancel!) We will refund you if we are able to fill the slot by the 12th at 5:00 PM.


2018 Boudoir Marathon.jpg

Epperly Family – Rapid City, SD

Last Sunday, we got to work with the Epperly family! They were so amazing to work with, and we had so much fun!

I will very much be a happy camper the next time we get to work with them! Logan is such a sweet boy who had loads of fun! Even when we stuck mom and dad under a bridge and he got to hang out with Jordan!

On top of them being a fab family to work with, the weather was seriously perfect. South Dakota is notorious for ridiculous weather patterns. We never know what to expect until a few days prior! I’m so very happy that it was perfectly sunny and bright out during their session!



Checking In With Myself – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Every now and then, it’s important to me to check in with myself. Every few months to a year, I sort through old sessions, and I recognize how I have changed. Sometimes, this gives me inspiration to change how I do things now as well.

Today, I pulled photos that I took one year ago, and re edited them. I just pulled the RAW file back up and edited them the way I edit now. The difference was just crazy! And to think, I really loved this session when I shot it last fall!


The clarity is the number one thing I immediately see! I also edit with colors so much more true to life now than I did even a year ago!


While the original photos weren’t “bad”, but fresh editing made a huge world of difference! Especially going back to edit those files in the same style and manner I do for every session now.


This is always the change that gets me the most. The change throughout the years. I love the top photo, I always will. That’s my baby girl! That photo was taken about 6 months before I took on my first client professionally. The bottom photo was one I took in July.

I just like to remind myself that everyone does start somewhere, and I have made huge progress in the last 10 or so years in this craft! Adding moving humans to the mix definitely felt like a set-back to me when I first started as a business, as odd as that sounds. Unlike trees and landscapes, and even architecture, humans move, humans can’t truly be controlled.

Now, I am at a point where I know what I love to photograph, I know what gives me my spark when I’m taking photos. I am so beyond excited to see where I am, even in ten years!


Abbey | Perrysburg, OH Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of capturing Abbey’s senior photos! She was so much fun to work with and her personality definitely shows in every image!

She started with professional hair and makeup by our amazing stylist Chelsie. We went for some simple indoor photos to start and ended at the gardens for some gorgeous images! Abbey is still looking into her college plans, but whatever this girl chooses…she has a bright future ahead of her! If all else fails, I’m sure she could find a modeling gig!

Be on the lookout for senior mini sessions!

ablog1ablog2ablog3– Kara

Gage | Rapid City, SD Photographers

Last weekend, Jordan and I had the joy of shooting a session for Gage’s first birthday! Of course there were some family photos in there as well.

We spent an hour at Canyon Lake Park wandering around and then we found a beautiful green little shaded area. Considering it was his nap time, he did a stellar job giving us smiles! Of course, mom’s shark song had a little bit to do with it.




A Little Bit of Love – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Of course, I have said it before. But I LOVE homecomings. There is just so much LOVE. All of the love! Over the last week, I have had the joy of shooting THREE Air Force homecoming sessions!

I love seeing families come back together. I love seeing service members get back to their home life. I love watching the itching anticipation of the family at home just waiting for more information, waiting for that plane to land, and trying to find their other half in a massive sea of green.

I keep telling myself that I’ll only take one homecoming family next go-round but lets be real. That’s not happening. So long as the sessions aren’t at the same exact time, I’ll do it. Why? Because I’m obsessed with seeing all of the love, and all of the happiness. It’s a lot of work for zero pay, and it’s worth every single second.



Carpe Diem – Rapid City, SD Photographer

Hello! I’m sure most of you saw the blog post introducing me, if not my name is Jordan! Today I’m going to actually tell you a bit about myself! I had a case of writers block and/or stage fright the last time I tried to write a post. I’ll save you the boring details about where I grew up and what my childhood was like. I’m just your basic human being trying to survive like everyone else on this planet. I came into the world of photography by mistake, by a horrible incident that shocked my family. Just before Christmas my grandfather, who was a long time photographer, went into the hospital for a mostly routine back surgery. The surgery went fine, but he ended up contracting a CDIFF infection that eventually took his life. It was honestly just an odd happenstance. I tried to rationalize it for a while, but really couldn’t. He was finally out of pain and is somewhere better. As one of the eldest grandchildren I received one of his most beloved possessions; his camera. As a little girl I always loved looking at all of his beautiful pictures. How he captured dazzling butterflies, blossoming flowers, and the giant buffalo of Yellowstone just perfectly. I believe that this camera saved my life. I was down a seriously sketchy road two years ago, from which I’ve mostly recovered. Lately I have been trying to find my purpose in life. I always knew I was meant to be something more than just your average server. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety over my future, I wanted to bust out of my routine and discover something different. This camera has given me new opportunities to connect, discover, and capture moments maybe no one else will see and preserve them in time. This new journey into photography has opened my eyes to what I’m rally capable of. I can’t wait to keep walking down this path a continuing in my grandfather’s legacy. It’s time to open new doors, and carpe some diem.


With Love,